Beware the Elephant in the Lounge

Just because that vending machine lurks in our workplace and seduces us, it doesn’t mean we have to feed our money into it. A proven method to avoid the temptation is to bring our own healthful snacks and beverages from home. And it will likely help our bank accounts, too!


A More Challenging Workout May Increase Adherence

It is possible that we fail to stick with our fitness plans if we do not challenge ourselves enough. Perhaps we subconsciously feel very light workouts are not worth the time. But they are worth the time if we feel we have truly accomplished something.


Vitamin D: Strong Bones and Healthy Heart

Vitamin D is a necessary micronutrient which is one of only 3 naturally produced by the body. It benefits bone, teeth, heart, and nervous system. Natural sources of vitamin D include sun exposure, fish liver oils, egg yolk, and liver. Since sedentary Americans spend too little time outdoors, most artificially receive their vitamin D from fortified milk and other foods or supplements. Read this short article to learn more about this vital nutrient.