Calcium Alternatives for Lactose Intolerance

Calcium is vital for healthy bones and other benefits. And the primary source of calcium is dairy products. However, lactose intolerance is extremely common among adults. Green leafy vegetables (broccoli, mustard and turnip greens, etc.) and beans are alternative sources. This link offers other sources as well.

Edamame soy beans shelled and with pods in bowls

5 Dairy-Free Foods That Are High in Calcium


Run, Forest, Run

As cold weather approaches, many of us hunker down indoors and our fitness programs, if any, often suffer miserably until next Spring. But numerous opportunities abound for us to start, or continue. Treadmills are an excellent option for indoor cardiovascular fitness. But treadmill walking/running requires some different techniques. Check out this link for a bit of advice.

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Portion Sizing Without Counting Calories

Measuring cups, kitchen scales, and daily allowance guides often get in our way of enjoying healthy meals. So much nutrition advice out there involves complicated mathematical calculations and overly detailed nutrition plans. But there is an alternative. Try this portion control method for a simpler way of eating healthfully.


The best calorie control guide. [Infographic] Estimating portion size and food intake just got a whole lot easier.