Oily Mess Of Cooking? Probably Not

Cooking with oil is likely not as dangerous as some “experts” claim. Most of the danger discussed is high-temperature changes to the oil. But few of us cook at home to such a high temperature as is necessary to oxidize oil fats. Click this link to learn more.


A Little Fit Will Do You

The latest research shows that the minimum daily moderate to vigorous activity—about 30 minutes per day, 5 days per week—does not have to be accomplished in a single session. As little as 10 minute chunks (there is no benefit less than 10 minutes) 3 times per day is as effective. For example, if your workplace has stairs, arrive a bit early and walk up and down the stairs for 10 minutes. Walk the stairs again in the first 10 minutes of your lunch break. Trek the stairs again for the third time for 10 minutes before going home for the day.


Healthful Eating Reigns Supreme

Exercise is important for our health and fitness. But, at best, contributes only 10-20% toward our wellness plan. The other 90% or so comes from our nutrition. We cannot be healthy if we do not eat healthy. Read this article for a discussion about some—not all—of the foods we should include in our diets.


Fiber is Not Just For Cable and Internet

Many of the latest fad diets involve high-protein, low-carbs. They are all the rage. The primary issue with carbohydrate reduction is the inherent lack of fiber. And Americans already consume far less than the recommended guidelines for fiber. Fiber is essential for a healthy diet. Here is a thorough discussion of how and why we should increase fiber intake.