Standards Of Physical Activity

The new “Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans” has been released. The guidelines have been updated since the 2008 edition. The adult basic activity requirements is still at least 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week plus two days of weight-bearing strength training. A very important change is preschoolers should be active about 3 hours per day. And kids (3-17) should be active for 60 minutes per day. Movement is exercise. And exercise is medicine. View a brief summary at this link for more of the updates.

Exercise: Staying Safe While Staying Fit

Visit the link below for a brief discussion on exercise errors many people make and why it is important to avoid them. Remember: if we injure ourselves while working out, we can set our fitness plans back days—or even weeks—as we recover from the injury. Stay safe, stay strong.


Commentary: Believe In Yourself

Sure. We see others who are more fit than us. Especially at the gym. We should not, however, feel any envy. There are many factors involved. How many years they have been training, for example. We should not be discouraged by the appearance of others. Remember, we only have to be better than we were yesterday. That is all that matters. Read the discussion at this link to learn more about social comparison.

Exercise: What Are Proper Squats?

Many exercisers—and fitness trainers—obsess over “strict” form during resistance training. The problem with that is disagreement over what constitutes proper form. And not everyone keeps up with the latest research. Proper squat technique, for example. Review the brief discussion at the link here for one view of the differing weight-bearing squat variations.