Stretching For Fitness

Many of us neglect stretching in our fitness plans. So, here is an easily manageable plan to get started. Remember, do not stretch cold muscles (make sure the are warmed up first). PLEASE CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE STARTING ANY EXERCISE PROGRAM.


Rest: Vital For Ultimate Fitness

Muscle-building does not occur during exercise. Rather, exercise tears down muscles, which then rebuild and adapt during the post-exercise rest and recovery period. That is why, typically, specific muscle groups should not be worked on consecutive days. They should be allowed to recover for at least 48 hours, though 72 hours is generally best. The link below explains the scientific process.

Flexibility: Key To Better Fitness

Many of us either neglect stretching, or we do it wrong. Dynamic stretching (e.g., jumping jacks, etc.) should be done before exercise or physical activities to prepare the muscles. Static stretching (e.g., touching our toes, etc.) should be reserved for after exercise or physical activities. Do not skip the stretching. See details in the link below.

Young smiling friends doing stretching exercises on a bench in the park and talking to each other.

Staying Fit On The Road

Travelling, for work or pleasure, often creates challenges to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Check out this link for some fitness tips if you are a frequent traveler.  PLEASE CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE BEGINNING ANY EXERCISE PROGRAM.


Get to the Core of the Matter

The body’s core is at the center of our physical world. If our core is unconditioned, we cannot adequately condition any other portion of our bodies. Here are some useful tips to fire our core. PLEASE CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE BEGINNING ANY EXERCISE PROGRAM.


For a Healthy Baby

Women will gain weight during pregnancy. It is perfectly natural. As pointed out in this article, however, it is not necessarily a good idea “for a woman to start a new exercise program once she finds out she’s pregnant.” But getting in some good healthy walks is recommended. PLEASE CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN BEFORE BEGINNING ANY EXERCISE PROGRAM.