Exercise: Running Fitness

Healthy running (jogging) requires exercise to condition the posterior chain—the lower back, gluteals, hamstrings, calves. If you are beginning a running program, consider including in your conditioning plan the 6 basic exercies in this link. PLEASE CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE BEGINNING ANY NEW EXERCISE PROGRAM.


Exercise: Condition The Core … From The Back

Exercise is medicine. And relief for certain ailments can come from unusual, seemingly unconnected exercise movements. However, the back—especially the lower back—is part of the body’s core. It is often neglected as part of core conditioning, though. Visit this link for a review of exercise movements which strengthen the back and, ultimately, the core.


Aerobic Exercise: How Much Is Enough?

Current physical activity guidelines prescribe at least 150 minutes per week of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity. And at least 2 days per week of resistance (weight-bearing) training. Read the brief linked article below for details.


Exercise: Your Introduction To The Gym

Always—and for everyone—the hardest part of beginning a fitness journey is walking through those gym doors the first time. But remember … everyone inside there had to cross that same threshold their first time, too. Follow this link for a host of other tips to help you through your first several visits, including some basic workouts with which to begin. PLEASE CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE STARTING A NEW EXERCISE PROGRAM.


Exercise: Don’t Ignore The Core

So, so many of us skip ab exercises. Especially as we get older. Because they seem to get more difficult rather than getting easier. But abandoning our core leads to far greater mobility and balance problems down the road. Review this link for a brief discussion on the importance of building our core and some valuable tips on how to do so.


Exercise: Walk For Your Life

Active walking at a moderate to vigorous pace (sorry, not with your dog) for at least 150 minutes per week meets the recommended physical activity guidelines for satisfying our cardiorespiratory standards to maintain health. Check out this video to learn more about walking for your life.