Nutrition: Make A Plan

Eighty percent of successful fat/weight loss is all about our nutrition. Exercise contributes 20 percent, at best. And a key ingredient to successful nutrition change is taking tiny steps over time, not a complete facelift overnight. Also, recruiting family and friends to band together to help with meal planning, recipes, and encouragement is a great idea, too. Here are a few other helpful tips.



Many of us begin exercise and health programs with great enthusiasm. Unfortunately, too many quickly lose our enthusiasm when we do not see immediate progress. But, it is important to know that we immediately become fitter and healthier from that very first day of change. Even if we do not “see” the changes. Perseverance is so vital. Here are some motivation tips from the American College of Sports Medicine.

DASH: An Eating Plan For All

Originally designed for persons with high blood pressure, the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) has proven to be effective toward treating a host of other human maladies. Like diabetes, obesity, and high cholesterol. It is highly recommended for everyone, not just those suffering hypertension. And it is not an elimination diet. That is, we are not necessarily required to forego any food groups or specific foods. We just have to be more selective in our choices. Check out the link below for details. Bon app├ętit!