Commentary: About Obesity

True … some of us are more susceptible to obesity than others. Some of us have to work harder—much harder—than others to get fit. And we may never be as lean as our neighbor. But, ultimately, even if lifestyle choices are not the primary cause of our obesity, lifestyle choices and behavior are the way we battle our obesity. Follow the link below for some insight into the factors of obesity.


Exercise: Warming Up

It is critical that we warm up properly before exercising. And the (very) old school method of static stretching is not the proper way. Save the static stretching for after the workout. What we need to do is called dynamic stretching as a way to prepare our body for exercise. Linked below is an excellent pre-workout dynamic stretching routine, presented by my very good friend, Mike Dean of MAD Fitness. Please feel free to visit and Like his new YouTube channel. 

Nutrition: Dash For Your Health

The DASH eating plan is not really a “diet” per se. Because it does not require special (often expensive) foods or supplements or preparation. The plan incorporates—in a healthful way—normal, every-day groceries from your store-of-choice. Originally developed to reduce hypertension (high blood pressure), the DASH eating plan has been shown to be beneficial in reducing blood sugar levels and other lifestyle ailments. Follow this link for more details.

Commentary: Keeping It Real

As discussed here just last week, it is difficult to determine a universal exercise and nutrition program that works perfectly for everyone. Because our body chemistry is unique to us and not everyone enjoys the same results. However, as detailed in the link below, key to successful health and fitness is the What (general guidelines) rather than the How (detailed instructions). For examples, what we should focus on is: exercise (not so much which exercises); eat less (portion control versus specific diet or calorie counting); drink more water; eat more plants (without worrying about which specific fruits & vegetables); and other ideas. Let’s not stomp on the ants while the elephants are getting away.

Nutrition: Got Milk?

Milk is an often overlooked nutritious food source by many of us. But it is chock full of macro- and micro-nutrients. However, many of the currently fashionable milks (e.g., almond, rice, coconut, etc.) are nutritionally insufficient. Review the very brief discussion at this link for a comparison of the milk brands available. BTW … run away from cockroach milk. Yes—it is a thing.