Movement Is Exercise And Exercise Is Medicine

More and more health care providers advise patients to exercise for whatever ails them. Because the science is certain, we are becoming unhealthy due to a lack of physical activity. And increased physical activity can cure our ailments. See this short articles for more information.


Sitting is the New Smoking

Television. Computers. Electronic gaming. Work. Our world is full of modern conveniences. But they could be killing us. Slowly. Here is one of several reports about recent studies indicating the health dangers and risk of sitting too much during the day. We need to move more often throughout the day, if in just short bursts. Movement is exercise. And exercise is medicine.


Exercise Is Medicine

Sedentary Death Syndrome (SeDS) is a growing health problem in our society. At least 35 known physical ailments, some very serious, are associated with lack of exercise. But, even just moderate physical activity can go a long way toward preventing these chronic health issues. If only we would move more. Exercise. Is. Medicine.

Major Consequences of Physical Inactivity