Snacking Healthfully

Snacking is not necessarily a bad thing. Especially when they are pre-made and packaged to grab-n-go. Avoid sugary and salty snacks, though. Click this link for a few healthy snack tips.


Protein: It’s Not Just Chicken

Healthy meals are far more than just bland chicken and broccoli. Use a variety of foods and seasonings to make every healthy meal an adventure. Click this link for valuable tips going into the New Year.

Healthy Eating: Reducing Blood Pressure

Many health conditions can be mitigated with our nutrition choices. Most of us know to avoid sodium (salt) if our blood pressure is high. However, instead of repeating what we should avoid eating, here are several things to consider eating if we are hypertensive … with our doctor’s blessing, of course.

baked salmon fillet

baked salmon fillet