Nutrition: Reaching Our Goals

Whether just starting out or maintaining a long-term nutrition plan, we cannot take our eyes off the target. Most successful beginners start slowly by making incremental changes over time rather than wholesale changes overnight. Remember, wellness is not a destination … it is a lifestyle. Take one day at a time. Click here for a few other tips.

Research: 10-Minute Aerobic Rule

The latest research (National Cancer Institute, Mar 2018) questions the theory and practice that cardiorespiratory exercise must be of at least 10 minutes in duration to be effective. Now, it could be that all chunks of moderate to vigorous physical activities—i.e., not merely strolling—accumulated throughout the day may be sufficiently beneficial. Follow this link for more details.

New Year, Healthy Kids

Research continues to show the direct benefit of exercise for our children’s physical and mental well-being. Exercise reduces childhood obesity and increases academic performance, according to study after study. Check out this link for summaries of 2 research projects which support this concept.

Exercise and Children: Better Brain Health, Less Obesity, Less Stress