Nurturing Our Children

Despite the overwhelming research showing that learning and cognitive skills improve with added physical activity, so many schools in the U.S. still refuse to reactivate their physical education programs. These schools cling to the idea that more academics is the solution. Even though more and more students are failing under that plan, while more and more students are succeeding where physical education programs are present. Read this short story about a school district in Illinois which now has some of the nation’s fittest and smartest and well-behaved kids.


Wellness in Schools: A National Project

Our precious children spend at least a quarter of their weekday time and receive nearly half of their nutrition at their schools. Therefore, it seems only logical to expect schools to pick up a greater share of children’s health and well-being. The emerging evidence is clear: kids are better academically when they are sufficiently nourished and physically active. Schools should share the responsibility. The link below outlines the current plan to make this happen.