Total Fitness: Don’t Forget Strength and Flexibility

Cardiovascular training is vital to our quest for a healthy heart. But we also need a healthy body that will adequately support our activities of daily life. For those engaged in only cardio programs, consider incorporating these simple strength building additives.


Light Weights, High Reps

The current guidelines for minimum physical activity are at least 2 strength training sessions per week. Strength training involves some type of resistance or weight-bearing movements, whether using body-weight alone (calisthenics) or using home or gym equipment such as machines, bands, or free weights. Resistance training promotes bone mineral mass, muscle tone, and a host of other healthful benefits. However, it is not necessary to “lift” Olympic grade poundage to reap the benefits, as shown in this report.


The Exercise Habit

Physical activity for health and wellness does not necessarily mean grunting and slinging weights in a smelly gym. It means we simply have to be more active than our usual lifestyle. The goal is moderate activity (raise our heart rate & sweat a bit) about 150 minutes per week. That is about 30 minutes per day, 5 days per week. And it can be done in three 10-minutes bouts per day. Make exercise a habit.