Best Practice: Exercise Training Tips

Many exercise novices still carry around vague, word-of-mouth theories about proper exercise form and practice. But the link here provides the current thinking and practices for effective exercise, from a well-known authority.


Stretching For Fitness

Many of us neglect stretching in our fitness plans. So, here is an easily manageable plan to get started. Remember, do not stretch cold muscles (make sure the are warmed up first). PLEASE CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE STARTING ANY EXERCISE PROGRAM.

Flexibility: Key To Better Fitness

Many of us either neglect stretching, or we do it wrong. Dynamic stretching (e.g., jumping jacks, etc.) should be done before exercise or physical activities to prepare the muscles. Static stretching (e.g., touching our toes, etc.) should be reserved for after exercise or physical activities. Do not skip the stretching. See details in the link below.

Young smiling friends doing stretching exercises on a bench in the park and talking to each other.

Careful With Your Pre-Workout Stretching

Old school pre-activity (exercise or sport) warmup involving the static stretching of muscles can be dangerous. Stretching cold muscles may create tiny tears that become big tears later, during strenuous activity. Though not new knowledge, we still see this improper warmup technique repeatedly at the gym and before races and other athletic events. Save the static stretching for after the physical activity.