Overdosing: Fish Oil Side Effects

As with most facets of health and wellness, too much of a good thing can easily lead to bad consequences. Somehow, we latch onto the idea that if this amount is good for us, more must be better. It simply is not true. If your doctor or dietician prescribes any supplement, take only the recommended dosage. And always keep your doctor informed regarding over-the-counter supplements you self-prescribe. Check out this link to learn more about the potential side effects of too much fish oil.


Supplements Probably Aren’t For You

Unless we are elite athletes routinely participating in highly competitive events, most of us simply do not need dietary performance supplements. In any case, never ever take supplements without the advice and consent of your doctor or licensed dietitian. Commercial dietary supplements—even so-called “natural” ones—are usually little more than processed concoctions of mysterious chemicals and ingredients. Buyer beware.